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Nuns Having Fun!


Menopause the Musical (Earth Mother) Beef & Boards

Earth Mother (Melanie Souza) adds a dash of kooky fun to the group with her holistic, hippie vibes. 

She also had a biting sense of humor that made for some excellent comedic moments.

-The Marriage Matinee - Broadway World


Menopause the Musical(Earth Mother) Beef & Boards

The cast is a joy to watch with contagious enthusiasm, energy and nice vocal variety.  I especially enjoyed Souza's comedic talent.

-Veronique Duprey - A Seat at the Aisle

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (Genie Klein) Theatre by the Sea

"RI Native  Melanie Souza as Genie is a "Hoot"

-NancyBurnes-Fusara-The Westerly Sun


Footloose (Betty Blast) Theatre by the Sea

Standout performances by certain veteran actors steal the show, including Melanie Souza who provides comic relief as Betty Blast, the witty dinner owner with a flair all her own (not to mention her country line dancing.)

-Alison O'Donnell- Motif Magazine

Menopause the Musical (Earth Mother) Ogunquit Playhouse

Melanie Souza’s Earth Mother is very animated and energetic, right out of Height-Ashbury, with all the traits of a consummate hippie — vegan, meditation, St. John’s wort, free-style hair, flowing layers of fashion abandon, sandals, etc., a zany lady, exhausted by life, in dire need of sleep. Her failing eyesight provides fodder for a gloriously funny scene.

-Louis Philippe- Journal Tribune

Mamma Mia (Rosie) New Bedford Festival Theatre

Donna’s best friend's Rosie and Tanya are fabulously played by Melanie Souza and Catherine Nickerson. Petite brunette Melanie is a spitfire as Rosie. She makes every one of her one liner's hit pay dirt, winning sustained laughter during the night. Her duet with Bill, "Take a Chance on Me" stops the show with hilarity as she sits on different chairs and moves them out of the way to pursue him.

-Tony Annicone- Tony's Corner

Hairspray (Prudy Pingleton, Matron and Gym Teacher) American Stage in the Park

Melanie Souza going for greater comic character glory by giving us several and widely different folks like the prude of prudes, Prudy Pingleton and the gym teacher from Hell and the Matron of the Ladies' Big House who is clearly Mama Morton's (of CHICAGO infamy) sister.

-Facebook Blog


Hairspray (Prudy Pingleton, Matron and Gym Teacher) American Stage in the Park

There is also some fine work from Melanie Souza who plays several varied roles (Prudy Pingleton, Matron and the gym teacher.

-Jay Handelman - Sarasota Herald Tribune


Informed Consent (Dean Hagan, Jillian's Mother, Sheila) American Stage

All five performers are flawless in their portrayals. Souza has heartbreaking moments as Jillian’s mother, which balances her no-nonsense stature as University Dean Hagan.

-Peter Balaskas - Splash Magazine


Informed Consent (Dean Hagan, Jillian's Mother, Sheila) American Stage

The movement of the play is high-speed but never confusing. Three of the four actors play more than one role.. the talented Melanie Souza is Dean of Jillian’s university, Jillian’s mother, and another preschool parent.

-Mark E. Leib - Creative Loafing


9 to 5 The Musical (Roz Keith) Alhambra Theatre and Dining

Melanie Souza steals the show as Roz with her uproarious solo. It’s the biggest surprise of the comedy musical, and you’ll likely be reaching for your dinner napkin to wipe away the tears.

-David Paul Johnson - Folio Weekly


9 to 5 The Musical (Roz Keith) Alhambra Theatre and Dining

The very attractive Melanie Souza dons a frumpy dress and plays Roz, an office supervisor who inexplicably has the hots for the womanizing Hart; she belts out “Heart to Hart,” a vampy number that the audience loved. -Dick Kerekes & -Leisla Sansom - EU Jacksonville


9 to 5 The Musical (Roz Keith) Alhambra Theatre and Dining

Accolades go out to the entire cast of “9 to 5 The Musical”. Oh, and there is a special guest star. Do you remember the character of Edna Mode in “The Incredibles”? Well, Melanie Souza* (Roz Keith) is a ringer for Edna especially when she sings “Heart To Hart”. She is familiar with the Alhambra from her appearance with Barbara Eden in the Alhambra hit, “Social Security”.

-Victoria Poller –


In The Heights (Abuela Claudia) American Stage in the Park

…Melanie Souza captures a full range of heart and compassion as Abuela Claudia, a grandmother for the entire neighborhood but particularly for Usnavi and his cousin Sonny. -Jay Handelman -  Sarasota Ticket

In The Heights (Abuela Claudia) American Stage in the Park

As the elderly Abuela Claudia, Melanie Souza has two numbers sung to perfection, "Paciencia y Fe" and "Hundreds of Stories."

-Peter Nason –

The Fantasticks (Bellomy) Casino Theatre

Actors Melanie Souza and Peter Tedeschi play Bellomy and Hucklebee, the mother and father of the love struck couple. Their duets of “Never Say No” and “Plant a Radish” have seldom been done with more humor or style. Both have the expertise to deliver a lyric that both stings and sings.  – Dave Christner – Mercury


The Fantasticks (Bellomy) Casino Theatre

Parents Hucklebee (Peter Tedeschi) and Bellomy (Melanie Souza), deftly comic actors with legit voices…

-James Merolla – Newport this Week


The Fantasticks (Bellomy) Casino Theatre

When Bellomy (Souza) and Tedeschi (Hucklebee) join Olivera for “It Depends On What You Pay,” they show their chops and experience to deliver one of the more insidiously fun numbers of the production. Peter Tedeschi and Melanie Souza (who were both seen in Ocean State’s My Fair Lady) are the feuding neighbors who make it into a Carol Burnett-meets-Commedia dell’art.

-Terry Shea – Motif Magazine


My Fair Lady (Mrs. Higgins) Ocean State Theatre Company

The rest of OSTC's cast is just as strong as the production's leading duo. From supporting roles to ensemble players, this entire company is remarkable from curtain to curtain. Special standouts include Melanie Souza as Mrs. Higgins, Henry Higgins dignified yet warm hearted mother.

- - Veronica Bruscini

Breaking Up is Hard to Do (Esther Simowitz) Ivoryton Playhouse

The action takes place in 1960 at the fictional Esther's Paradise Resort in the Catskills. Esther is played with rousing chutzpa and charisma by Melanie Souza.  


Esther (Melanie Souza) and Harvey sparkle together and separately as they finally and blithely reveal they were made for each other in the song, "Next Door To An Angel.", Anthony Schillaci


9 to 5  The Musical (Roz Keith) Theatre by the Sea

I was sure the song-and-dance sequences would be my favorite, an ideal example of how 9 to 5 the movie effortlessly became 9 to 5 the musical – that is, until I saw Roz’s “Heart to Hart” bathroom ballad, with great tongue-in-cheek singing and dancing by Melanie Souza.

-Time Out Southern RI Newspapers, Abby Fox

9 to 5 The Musical (Roz Keith) Theatre by the Sea

A fourth female member of the cast deserves mention as well.  Melanie Souza is fabulous as Roz, the executive assistant that secretly pines for her boss, the notorious Mr. Hart.  Souza gets some of the best moments and a delightful solo number.

-Motif Magazine,  Robert Barossi

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